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Emaan (Arabic: إِيمَان, romanized: ʾīmān, lit. ‘faith’ or ‘belief’, also ‘recognition’) in Islamic theology denotes a believer’s recognition in faith and deeds in the religious aspects of Islam. Its most simple definition is the belief in the six articles of faith.

In a time where peace and harmony amongst people of different faiths and cultures is of greater necessity than ever, Al-Emaan Centre is now poised to embark upon the attainment of this vision; carried by the hearts of individuals, embraced through the unity of the community.

About Us

Al-Emaan Centre is run by members of the local community, for the local community.
Following purchase of the century-old premises in October 2014, renovation work soon ensued. We sought to refurbish the infrastructure and apply a traditional design to the interior architecture, while seeking to respect the original foundations upon which it was built. Works completed in June 2016 and we have looked at realising our vision thereafter.

Al-Emaan Centre seeks to serve the purpose as a religious, spiritual, educational & community centre for the thriving Muslim population in and around Bromley. It aims to bring the community together as one, to provide a safe haven for families and the youth to grow and develop, and to nurture a generation of active Muslim role models to the society within which we live.

Our vision is one whereby people of different race, religion and culture can reside together in peace, harmony, and conformity with one another. We aim to engage with people of different faiths and backgrounds, with the aspiration of living in contentment with our neighbours and to increase mutual understanding. We hope that Bromley and the people of our Borough will be an example of this.
By treading in the footsteps of the Prophets (peace be upon them all), Al-Emaan Centre is founded upon the knowledge that change happens from within, and with the help of Allah can thereafter begin to spread, from individual to individual, community to community.
By treading in the footsteps of the Prophets (peace be upon them all), Al-Emaan Centre is founded upon the knowledge that change happens from within, and with the help of Allah can thereafter begin to spread, from individual to individual, community to community.

Beacon Mosque Awards 2023

Finalist, Best Run Mosque category

Al-Emaan Centre was nominated for the Best Run Mosque at the recent Beacon Mosque Awards 2023. After 70,000 votes cast and 3,000 entries to the 11 award categories, AEC was highlighted as finalist, making the top three mosques. What a great achievement, mashaAllah!

The winner was a large masjid that has been established since the early 70s and are really well developed, mashaAllah. May they continue to develop and serve our ummah, ameen!

And to our community; may we grow in strength and through Allah’s barakah continue to blossom, ameen.

JazakAllah khair for all your support so far!

Al-Emaan Centre Team

Khaireldin Taha


One of the founding members of the Centre. Khaireldin was and still is hands on in every sense of the word; a real driving force making the Centre what it is today

Dr. Omar Taha


A local GP and resident of the area from birth. Dr Omar is a founder member of the Centre. He has wide-ranging management and community development experience

Dr. Amer Saeed


A dentist by profession and a local resident . Dr Amer has been involved in the Centre for many years. He is passionate about football and cricket, and is our Welcome Directory representative

Ahmed Rawi


Having lived locally for almost twenty years, Ahmed has been involved in the Centre since it’s inception. Ahmed currently works in the Franchise business and brings extensive Policy and Procedure development experience to the Centre

Sheikh Mudhaffer Noori

Senior Madrassa Teacher
Intermediate and Advanced students and Imam

Sheikh Mudhaffer Noori is originally from Iraq and graduated from Al Azhar University in Cairo after completing his studies in Tafseer. He has studied with several famous Scholars. He has ijaazat in various Qira’at in Quran recitation and also has the licence to issue ijaazat. He is one of the presenters of the Recite Show on Islam Channel.

Mirazam Khan


Imam Mirazam has served as an Imam in the UK for over 15 years, as khateeb and Headteacher at numerous Masajid, along with recent chaplaincy experience and an interest in Islamic education.

Shaffiq Din

Director Of Operations

Shaffiq spent almost twenty years as a prison chaplain, and was previously a financial services senior executive and non-executive director. He has extensive experience working within Muslim and wider communities

Our Services


Coffee & Cake With the Management Team



With a host of bespoke topics and established speakers planned we hope you will find a lecture suited to your interest. Further information will be posted online and via the mailing list.

Quraan lessons for children and adults

Children’s classes
For children aged 5 to 16
We have classes very evening from Monday to Thursday

Beginners : Monday
Intermediate 1 class : Tuesday
Intermediate 3 and advanced levels (Hifz): Wednesday
Intermediate 2: Thursday

Adult classes – Men:
Beginners – Tues 7-9pm
Advanced – Thurs 7-9pm

Taught by our esteemed Teachers, Sheikh Mudhaffer & Sheikh Omar

For further information please contact Rubina Moten (Tajweed coordinator)
Sister's Tajweed class

Women's Tajweed
Advanced Tajweed and Tafseer Lessons

Advanced Tajweed and Tafseer Lessons for men


Youth Circle
Looking to raise the youth upon exemplary character, these circles will go through the lives of the Prophets and the lessons learnt from them, within a contemporary world context. These circles are led by young adults, born & raised locally, pursuing professional career paths, and with a good grasp of the Islamic faith. The sessions are aimed at ages 10-15 and run fortnightly on a Sunday 5:30pm. Sessions currently run for boys, and we are close to establishing a girls group very soon.
About the teacher:
Dr Salik Sait (Boy talk leader)
born & raised in the UK, Salik is well aware of the struggles young teenagers face in our world today. He has plenty of experience in working with the youth through initiatives while at university and in the community. He currently works as a doctor, and enjoys travelling and calligraphy in his spare time.
Please email for further information.
Storytime for Kids
Aimed at under 10s, these engaging sessions take children through stories within The Qur’an, seeking to bring out the moral lessons applicable to children today. Instructors look to give children a basic understanding of the Islamic faith in an interactive and enjoyable way. The sessions are led by young adults, born & raised locally, pursuing professional career paths, and with a good grasp of the Islamic faith.

The teachers:
Nazia Mubarak– qualified primary school teacher and mother of three
Saba Sait– pursuing a university degree in teaching
Eisha Moten– pursuing a university degree in Nutrition & Dietetics
Huma Ahmed– qualified secondary school teacher working locally in Bromley
Mariha Hamid – medical doctor working in Bromley
Avais Akhtar – IT consultant raised locally in Biggin Hill
Asad Jamal Khan– qualified teacher living and working in Bromley
Saif Sait– surgical doctor working in South East London
Ayesha Ashraf– dentist raised in Birmingham and working in Bromley
Salik Sait– medical doctor working in Bromley
Marjan Jamal– graduated in Medicine and now completing her masters in Public Health
Saad Al-Douri– analyst at a risk consultancy, raised in Maidstone and living in Bromley
Raghad Al-Ramadhani– pharmacist and mother of two, raised in Bradford and living in Bromley
Omar Taha – GP working in Bromley, father of two, born & raised in Keston

Story time currently runs on Wednesdays at 5:30pm until 6:15pm (excluding school holidays). Please email for further information.
A day at the mosque for the family – Crafternoon looks to develop the skills of arts & crafts in children. Past sessions have involved kids designing gift boxes for charity, which further engages the youth in good charitable work in an exciting way.
Girls Circle
A relaxing space for girls aged 10-18 to explore issues together, make friends and have fun in a friendly and comfortable environment.
Face to face one Sunday every month.
Please join AEC communication channels for dates.
Boys club
Creating friendships through an afternoon of games, fun, and pizza with the youth group of 11-15
Face to face one Sunday every month.
Please join AEC communication channels for dates.
1st Bromley Scouts

Our very own Muslim Scouts! Will be running on Wednesday evenings every week at AEC inshaAllah.
We need male and female volunteers to help run sessions. Training and DBS will be supplied


🥋 Taekwondo 🥋

Age group: 5 – 10 years old
Boys and Girls welcome
📍 Al-Emaan Centre
🕛 5.30pm to 6.30pm
🗓 Every Sunday

Trainer: RASHID RASOOL SIAL Black Belt 5th Dan who was a National Champion Gold Medalist 1995 to 2004.

An amazing opportunity to learn from the best in the world!!

Cost £5 for a taster session and then £50 for 6 sessions.

Boxing Classess

Al-Emaan Centre Boxing Classess

Let’s help the youth build strength and confidence


Friday 6PM – 7PM



The Bromley Three Faiths Group

Established in 2016, the Bromley Three Faiths Group between members of the three Abrahamic (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic) faiths primary aim of the group is to promote greater understanding and increase knowledge of the faiths through joint participation in various faith-based activities. Such an activity includes the popular 3 Faith Dialogue, where individuals seek to learn about each other’s faiths in an amicable and educational environment.

Face to face or virtual during working week every month.

Please join AEC communication channels for dates.

Peace Walk
Established in 2017, the annual Peace walk has grown from strength to strength, allowing members of the different faiths and the public to come together in the spirit of peace & harmony, highlighting our commonalities and sharing a slice of cake.
Yearly during a weekend.
Supporting Refugees
AEC continues to work with B3FG to help the assimilation of refugees in Lewisham. AEC has been instrumental in raising funds and goods to help the families settle in.


Book an Islamic Marriage

If you would like to enquire about the prospect of holding your Islamic marriage (Nikah) at Keston Mosque, please read the Nikah policy and then complete the request form below. You will then receive a booking form.

Al-Emaan Centre Matrimonial Service
The Al Emaan Centre Matrimonial Service aims to facilitate Islamic matchmaking.
Please accurately fill out your profile information in the form below.
The committee will review all profiles on a weekly basis. They will anonymise them, removing identifiable information such as names and contact details. The anonymous profiles will then be shared on our WhatsApp group. If interested, potential parties will be able to reach out to the committee who will then pass on contact details for the two parties to connect with each other and proceed discussions.
Link to join WhatsApp group Click Here to access the Form


School & Scouts visits

AEC volunteers work closely with local schools and scout groups in the community to promote understanding and education by conducting workshops, visits, and mosque tours to discuss Islam within the classroom or mosque setting.

Weekly during morning and afternoon

Download AEC School Ramadhan Challenge 2024

Safer Neighbourhood Board
Drawing together leaders throughout the borough of Bromley, we are privileged to be part of this group which seeks to enhance the safety and well-being of residents in the area
Mosque Open Day
In collaboration with the national initiative organised by the Muslim Council of Britain, Al-Emaan Centre opens the doors of the mosque to the wider public to showcase what goes on inside our centre. Islamic Calligraphy, Islamic Artefacts and the rituals of prayer are some of the topics highlighted.
Yearly on a weekend in February.
Please join AEC communication channels for dates.
Careers Day
With several professionals linked to Al-Emaan Centre, we thought we would share the knowledge and expertise of several career paths in an informative and engaging day, open to the public
Breaking the Fast
This is an invitation to any of the local residents and neighbours to experience and share the ritual breaking of the fast during the holy month of Ramadhan
SELKCOM – As part of the South East London & Kent Council of Mosques, AEC regularly engages in activities that further the vision of mosques in benefiting their respective communities and societies on a local level
Mosques Association of Kent
As an active member of MAK, AEC share information and best practices with other masajid in Kent. We look to leverage strength through unity
Welcome Directory

AEC is a Welcome Directory registered faith organisation. Trustee Amer Saeed leads on this initiative

Additional support for ex-prisoners and their families can be sought here:

Coming Home is a free, confidential counselling service provided by Muslim therapists for Muslims harmed by the prison system, and their families. Coming Home is a community response to the harms of imprisonment and criminalisation. It relies on building and renewing relationships, care and accountability. It is a way of creating society built on trust rather than suspicion and hope rather than fear.

Muslims may be hesitant to seek mental health support through public services for a wide variety of reasons. The initial focus on a confidential therapeutic service–provided by Muslim therapists–offers a religiously and culturally sensitive approach to mental health support. This allows for a holistic view of wellbeing incorporating spirituality, and the mental, physical, emotional, and political self. 

The service allows people to find comfort and safety in their faith if and how they choose to do so. Coming Home commits to providing a non-securitised, non-judgmental and inclusive space.


Sister Circle
A platform for women in the community to come together with spiritual reminder & group discussion, sisterhood & support, and a good chit-chat!
Face to face during working week every month.
Please join AEC communication channels for dates.
Seniors Meet Up
A chance to increase and strengthen the social network of the retired within the community. Open to all seniors of any background residing in any locality, with both ladies and gentleman welcome to attend.
Mother & Child Groups
AEC hosts regular mother and child group to help young parents and children socialise with one another, working closely with the local Little Crescents group, and with the Bromley 3 Faith Group.
Food Collections
AEC is partnering with local supermarkets in an attempt to deliver surplus food bank supplies to the homeless and refugees.
Professionals’ Advisory Service for Parents (PASP)
What is the PASP project?
This project will provide a non-judgmental signposting/advisory service for parents who have concerns about the development and behaviour of their pre-school aged children, particularly when they are unsure of how and where to go for appropriate support and/or referral.
Why are we providing this service?
Developmental & behavioural problems in children can be a cause of great anxiety for parents. Although there are support and assessment pathways across NHS and other agency services in the UK to address these concerns, parents may not be fully aware of how the system works. Information available in the internet can be overwhelming and confusing for parents. This signposting advice may help in alleviating some of the parental concerns by providing relevant useful signposting/advice.
Who will provide this service?
· The advisory service will be provided by a group of professionals with many years working experience in the NHS UK in child development and behaviour.
· AEC will provide technical/legal & collaborative support for the project and will overview the safeguarding and other training needs of the members including consent/confidentiality policy and related matters.
How will it work?
· Parents will leave message using the PASP dedicated phone number/email
· Parents will be contacted by our service and booked into professionals’ advisory slots if they meet the inclusion criteria.
For further information Email: And see attached flyer
Volunteering for this project: There are various opportunities for volunteering within this project, which may help to enhance your skills and be useful for your CV:
· Professional advisor · Liaison/administrative officer · Data collection officer
Training and supervision for each of the above roles will be provided as well as a free DBS certificate.
If you would like to volunteer for this project Please email:
Disclaimer: · This service is not intended to replace the need for the child to be formally assessed by appropriately qualified/trained clinicians, therapist and/or a specialist. Although we would not directly address any safeguarding concerns, if during the advisory session any safeguarding issues are raised, we will follow address this in accordance with AEC Safeguarding, Consent and Confidentiality policy and procedures
AEC Foodbank
Al-Emaan Centre Food Bank
“ Providing short term assistance to Muslim families in need”
AEC is pleased to announce that we are now able to provide emergency food parcels to Muslims in need.
Our service will run of a refferal basis; if you know anyone who requires support please get in touch by emailing
You will be asked for a few basic details to ensure we can provide a seamless service and to ensure that support is being given to those in need.
As this is a new service, collection date/time will be mutually agreed.
Delivery will be available in exceptional circumstances only. Our food packs will contain non perishable food items such as tinned food, rice, lentils etc. Additional items for babies, personal hygiene, household cleaning may be available on request.
AEC Hikes
Sunday morning 9.15am every month.
Please join AEC communication channels for dates.
Women's Netball

Netball for women.

Weekly, Sundays evenings

Creative Club

Join our Creative Club to improve your skills, share knowledge & skills and make friends.
(Run by volunteers)
10 AM TO 12 PM
Bring your own project to work on or to get ideas.
Contact info:


*🥑Al-Emaan Centre exclusive beard and hair oils are now for sale!!!🥑*
Hair oil for women
Beard oil for men
For sale out of the Masjid office *only* Monday to Thursday
_£10 each_

Car Pool
This group has been set up for members of our community to organise car pooling when attending Al-Emaan Centre for Ramadhan. Please share when you are attending the masjid and your area so others know where you are from and arrange pick ups.
– Get to know others in your community
– Get the reward of taking others to the masjid/opening their fast
– Environmentally better, reduces pollution and fuel use
– Women who may not be able to attend could go in safety with other women
– Reduces parking problems at the masjid 🚗🚐🚙🚐
Link to join Whatsapp group
Virtual Walking group
This WhatsApp group is created to encourage walking, running, hiking and cycling. We aim to collectively walk to Islamic historical places and do a small fundraiser for whoever is interested at the end.
Link to join WhatsApp group
A wonderful opportunity for young children between the ages of 5-12 to get to know each other while they craft with paper, colours, card and much more.
School breaks.
Please join AEC communication channels for dates.
7-aside Football
As the saying goes,
“Sport is a universal language that brings people together…”
The Youth led Sunday football as part of the South London Mosque league creates a safe space where Muslim youth and adults create positive relationships, learn leadership skills, and do this all while being active
Weekly every Sunday evening.
Islamic Art Exhibition
An exhibition to celebrate a wider range of Islamic inspired art at Al-Emaan Centre by showcasing both amateur and professional artists which demonstrates the vast richness and beauty of our tradition.
Yearly during a weekend.
Please join AEC communication channels for dates.
Islamic Art Classes
As series of practical workshops on different forms of Islamic arts to promote a deeper understanding of Islamic art forms and bring together the community through the spirit of creating new hobbies and interests.
Please join AEC communication channels for dates.
Community News and General Information
We have WhatsApp groups for general news, events and information.
Should you wish to join and keep up to date with AEC please email your phone number to
AEC running club
Aslamolakium all!! With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer we are starting the 🏃🏽‍♀👟 *AEC running club* 👟🏃.
🤲🏽 All level of fitness are welcome.
🙏🏿 Brothers and sisters welcome.
😉 We will set race targets and support each other to go further!
*Find runners around where you live. Join community runs. Raise money. Get healthy. Have fun.*
Link to join Whatsapp group
Law Clinic

We are excited to announce the re-introduction of a *FREE Law Clinic* at Al-Emaan Centre, every *Monday from 19th June* , hosted by Legal Muslim.

Legal Muslim is a service that exclusively helps Muslims understand their islamic obligations in non-Muslim lands, specialising in Islamic Wills, inheritance and tax-planning.

Mr Russell Hasan Ali LLB, the founder of Legal Muslim, is a solicitor specialising in the area of Wills, Trusts and Probate. He will be welcoming your questions and providing guidance to the following:

* Those without an Islamic Will
* Muslims with a Will but not Islamic
* Those who wish to benefit AEC in their Islamic Will
* Those who are preparing for Hajj
* Muslim parents of infant children
* Separated or divorced individuals
* Muslim couples and single Muslims alike
* Those who have recently lost a loved one
* Those who know someone with the onset of a mental illness
* Those who wish to get their affairs in order
* Muslims who are concerned about inheritance tax and want to protect their estate
* Muslim business owners and proprietors

*Contact Legal Muslim* to book your *free* 30-minute consultation now.

Men's Cancer Support Group

A support group for men who are/have suffered from cancer, or are supporting others with cancer or have lost someone to cancer

Whatsapp Group

Substance Misuse Support
We have built a relationship with CGL as a provider for discreet help and support for substance misuse, both for struggling people and their families. We have additionally given them training specifically around supporting Muslims. See info below:
Change Grow Live (CGL) Bromley are the substance misuse provider for the borough of Bromley for over 12 years. Anyone who lives in the borough is eligible for our support.
We are a free, confidential, consent-based service to support people to achieve their recovery goals, whether this be abstinence, reduction or controlled use.
We work in a holistic, person centred and trauma informed way to empower individuals to reach their own goals.
We offer opiate substitute prescribing (Physeptone or Espranor), alcohol community detox, psychosocial interventions, needle exchange, Family and Carers support, older adults support (65+), aftercare and relapse prevention counselling.
Everyone’s support network needs support, so our Family and Carers service is there for Bromley residents effected by others substances use.
Bromley Changes support 5–18-year-olds with their own substances use issues or effected by others substance use.
Following a referral, we run an open access model whereby we assess the first four people that present that day:
Monday 10:00
Tuesday 10:00
Wednesday 14:00
Thursday 10:00
Friday 10:00
Our main contact line in 0208 289 1999 Our SPOC number (7am-11pm daily) 07738 802 713
I am sharing ‘CGL BROMLEY REFERRAL FORM‘ with you
Islamic Wills


Al-Emaan Centre has collaborated with Inspirited Minds to offer an Islamic Counselling service to our community.

Please use this form to apply. In the section where the form asks

“Have you been referred by someone, please state Al-Emaan Centre “

None of your personal information will be shared with Al-Emaan Centre, we will simply be told about the number of applications received, in order to gauge the use of the service.”

Additional support for ex-prisoners and their families can be sought here:

Coming Home is a free, confidential counselling service provided by Muslim therapists for Muslims harmed by the prison system, and their families. Coming Home is a community response to the harms of imprisonment and criminalisation. It relies on building and renewing relationships, care and accountability. It is a way of creating society built on trust rather than suspicion and hope rather than fear.

Muslims may be hesitant to seek mental health support through public services for a wide variety of reasons. The initial focus on a confidential therapeutic service–provided by Muslim therapists–offers a religiously and culturally sensitive approach to mental health support. This allows for a holistic view of wellbeing incorporating spirituality, and the mental, physical, emotional, and political self. 

The service allows people to find comfort and safety in their faith if and how they choose to do so. Coming Home commits to providing a non-securitised, non-judgmental and inclusive space.


Send Parents and Children Engagement

Special Educational Needs & Disability

A space for you to:

  • take a break & unwind
  • get spiritual advice from our Sheikh
  • develop a social support network
  • get an emotional boost

A space for your children to:

  • learn through an Islamic SEN curriculum
  • develop social & play skills
  • engage in activities that meet their sensory needs


02:00pm to 04:00pm

Please contact us at



Volunteer Vacancies

Volunteer Vacancies

Volunteering at Al-Emaan Centre is vital to the running of our events and services. By volunteering you gain the reward of enabling the masjid and providing for the community.

Please read each job description and if interested apply directly to the Lead person in each advert.

In most cases a DBS will be required. Al-Emaan Centre will provide this for free and the process is quick and painless.

Prayer Stewards

Helping the team during Friday/Jumu’ah prayers, Ramadhan and ‘Eid


Helping the Fundraising Team with fundraising activities during Friday prayers/Jumu’ah, Taraweeh in Ramadhan, ‘Eid and other social events

School and Scouts Visits

Helping the Team alongside other volunteers when schools and Scouts visit the masjid

Little Crescents

Helping the Team set up, welcoming women and their children and clearing up

Madrassa Teaching Assistant

Assisting the Madrassa Team and teachers

Food Bank

Helping the Foodbank Team with collection and delivery of food parcels to the needy

Boy’s Club

Helping the Team set up and run the club alongside the leads and other volunteers

Girl’s Club

Helping the Team set up and run the club alongside the leads and other volunteers

Coffee Morning

Helping the Charity Team set up, run and clear up after sessions


Digital Team

Website and or Android +IOS App

Infrastructure Engineer

Tech Ops Support


Health and Safety
Social Media Policy
Al-Emaan Centre Political Policy 2024

Featured Events

We have a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the scouting movement right here in Bromley!

The UK Scouts model has found its way firmly into the Muslim community, with thousands of members taking part across the country. Did you know that worldwide out of the 55 million scouts, over half are Muslim?  Many parents love the way scouts can be connected to the sunnah so strongly and brings Islamic teachings to life through practical sessions such as archery, community service, and more!
This video will give you an insight into the possibilities. Introduction to Muslim Scouting
Scouting caters for all age groups from 4 – 18.  The aim is to give them Skills for Life  with opportunities to have new experiences, participate in adventurous activities, enjoy camping whilst making new friends and generally having FUN.  At the moment we can only offer this to 6 – 8-year-olds but with sufficient adult help this can quickly expand to cover the entire age range.
Adults enjoy all the same opportunities as the youngsters and here are some of the reasons why we volunteer.
The benefits of volunteering with scouting…
Volunteering with scouting can enrich your life – don’t just take our word for it. Over 90% of our volunteers say that their Scout experiences are hugely beneficial:
Gain skills
We have an award-winning training scheme for our volunteers so you get as much from it as our amazing young people, including practical skills like first aid and transferable skills like communication and leadership.
Boost your CV
More than two thirds of our volunteers say their CVs have been enhanced by joining Scouts. Employers love to see the commitment of volunteers, and through Scouts you can get vital experience in areas like management, administration and activities.
Make new friends
A whopping 97% of our volunteers say their involvement has helped them forge new friendships.
Change lives
There’s no better feeling than making a difference to communities and transforming the lives of young people. How’s that for job satisfaction?
To find out more about volunteering please email
and remember that more adults are essential to enable the Group to expand.

AEC Videos

AEC Image Gallery

What is Islam?

Islam is a holistic way of life that entails faithful devotion to God, with the word Islam translated as ‘submission to the will of God’. Muslims believe that the universe and all that exists has a Loving & Caring Creator, known through contemplation of His signs and recognition of His favours upon us. The Arabic word for God is Allah, and He is described through several Names & Attributes in Islam such as The Compassionate, The Merciful, The Wise, The Loving, The Just, The Forgiving, The Gentle and many more.
At the core of the Islamic belief is gratitude to God alone for all that exists, and praise for all that He has created. Muslims believe this to be the path of Abraham (peace be upon him) and all the Prophets before & after him including Adam, Noah, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Jesus and several more (peace be upon them all). Muslims respect each & every one of the Prophets as role models; individuals whose lives we draw lessons from and seek to emulate. We believe that certain Prophets were given Scriptures and that the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) received through revelation The Quran, the final message from God and guidance for mankind.
Muslims consider this life to be a temporary testing ground towards our final abode, in an eternal afterlife of reward or punishment based upon our actions on earth. Our purpose in this life is to worship God, which involves leading a life of devotion to Him with heart, body & mind. This manifests as being God-conscious & humble individuals, purifying our hearts, reforming our characters, practising patience & forgiveness, embodying gratitude to our Creator through prayer, and embedding an altruistic attitude of charitable acts & kindness to all of creation.

Along with certain prescribed practises (such as prayer, charity & fasting), a principle in Islam is that all righteous acts throughout our daily lives, when done with the sincere intention of pleasing God, are considered acts of worship. Coupled with the qualities & values nurtured through our private devotions, communal worship features as a valuable aspect of belief. The notion espoused by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) of collectively supporting one another, and considerately caring for the welfare of our wider society is integral to the faith.

Central to the Islamic faith are the essential duties and practices known as the Five Pillars of Islam. These are:











01-Profession of faith (shahada)
The profession of faith is known as the shahada. It is the prerequisite for membership in the Muslim community, and an affirmation of the faith. Muslims are required to declare this profession in public at least once in their lifetime, but most Muslims recite it daily as part of their prayers. In Arabic, the shahada is as follows: “Ashhadu al-la ilaha illa-llah was ashhadu anna Muhammadar rasulu-llah” translated as “ I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger” or more simply, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger.”

The profession of faith is designed not only for public affirmation, but also to encourage true conviction and sincerity of mind on the part of the worshipper. The phrase is absolutely central to the practice of Islam. Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, “These few words are equal to one third of the Quran.”

02-Prayer (salat) Prayer is an essential duty of every Muslim, and the second Pillar of Islam. It is performed five times a day. These times are dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and evening. Before prayer, there is ritual cleansing and purification. Typically this means washing one’s hands, mouth, nose, face, ears, forearms, head, and feet three times with the right hand. If there is no water is available, sand may be substituted. Prayer itself consists of three or four cycles of ritual bowing and prostration along with recitation of parts of the Quran and other prayers in Arabic. All end with the phrase, “May peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.” Muslims can perform prayer just about anywhere, but the most favored place is in the mosque. A crier (muezzin) calls the faithful to prayer (adhan). The holy day each week is Friday. The congregation of worshippers at the mosque is led by the religious leader or imam. Prayers, wherever they take place, must be performed in the direction of Mecca. This direction is indicated by the kiblah, a word meaning “direction of prayer.” It is indicated in a mosque by a wall (referred to as the kiblah wall) that is usually marked by a niche called the mihrab.

03-Fasting (sawm)
Fasting (sawm) is a ritual observance during the month of Ramadhan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims are required to abstain from eating, drinking, and sexual activities between sunrise and sundown. Nursing and pregnant mothers, the sick, and children up to the age of puberty are permitted to break the fast. Ramadhan is important, because it marks the time in the year when the Quran began to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

04-Almsgiving (zakat) The fourth Pillar of Islam is a call to charity. There are two categories: compulsory and voluntary. Compulsory almsgiving resembles a tax for all Muslims, payable to either the community or state. It is calculated on the basis of one’s possessions and income, and usually equates to 2.5% of a person’s annually accumulated wealth. This system ensures that the poor will be at least partly provided for and encourages a sentiment of sharing among the various social classes. Almsgiving also has spiritual value, as a way of atoning for one’s sins and ensuring salvation in the afterlife. Voluntary almsgiving (sadaqa) should be performed freely and spontaneously, with discretion and sincerity.

05-Pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)
All Muslims who have the physical and materials means to do so are encouraged to visit Mecca at least once in their lifetimes. The pilgrimage occurs during part of the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar. Modern transportation allows millions of Muslims to make the pilgrimage to Mecca, where the focus is the structure known as the Ka’ba. Pilgrims wear white, symbolizing the equality of all Muslims before God.

Having arrived at Mecca, each pilgrim typically walks around the Ka’ba seven times. This is followed by a set of other ritual observances such as walking between the hills overlooking the Ka’ba, standing on Mt. Arafat, and traveling to nearby Minah, all sites that commemorate aspects of Islamic history and faith. Pilgrims also frequently visit the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Medina. Both the month of pilgrimage to Mecca and the month of Ramadhan end in festive celebrations.

We believe Islam to be a way of life that offers contentment at heart and a rekindling of our relationship with the Divine based on the call of all the Prophets. We hope that through the work we are able to carry out here at Al-Emaan Centre, we can contribute towards realising this path, cultivating this personal journey and facilitating co-operative work to improve the lives of all.
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“Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned” (Quraan, 2: 245)


Prayer Hall

Large prayer hall facilities, as well as dedicated women’s prayer area
The mosque aims to open at least 15 minutes before a prayer and will normally close shortly after unless there are any scheduled activities on


We have parking for approximately 5 cars in our car park to the rear of the masjid. This can be used at most times when attending the masjid, except for large events and jumu'ah (Friday prayers). During these events the car park is reserved for the elderly and disabled. In addition to this, on Fridays between 12.15pm and 3pm we have free parking available a short walk from the masjid at the following location:

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Men and Women have dedicated Ablution areas and W.C. facilities, accessible via the respective entrances

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