About us

Al-Emaan Centre is run by members of the local community, for the local community

Following purchase of the century-old premises in October 2014, renovation work soon ensued. We sought to refurbish the infrastructure and apply a traditional design to the interior architecture, while seeking to respect the original foundations upon which it was built. Works completed in June 2016 and we have looked at realising our vision thereafter.

Al-Emaan Centre seeks to serve the purpose as a religious, spiritual, educational & community centre for the thriving Muslim population in and around Bromley. It aims to bring the community together as one, to provide a safe haven for families and the youth to grow and develop, and to nurture a generation of active Muslim role models to the society within which we live.

Our vision is one whereby people of different race, religion and culture can reside together in peace, harmony, and conformity with one another. We aim to engage with people of different faiths and backgrounds, with the aspiration of living in contentment with our neighbours and to increase mutual understanding. We hope that Bromley and the people of our Borough will be an example of this.
By treading in the footsteps of the Prophets (peace be upon them all), Al-Emaan Centre is founded upon the knowledge that change happens from within, and with the help of Allah can thereafter begin to spread, from individual to individual, community to community.

Al-Emaan Centre Team

Khaireldin Taha


One of the founding members of the Centre. Khaireldin was and still is hands on in every sense of the word; a real driving force making the Centre what it is today

Dr. Omar Taha


A local GP and resident of the area from birth. Dr Omar is a founder member of the Centre. He has wide-ranging management and community development experience

Dr. Amer Saeed


A dentist by profession and a local resident . Dr Amer has been involved in the Centre for many years. He is passionate about football and cricket, and is our Welcome Directory representative

Ahmed Rawi


Having lived locally for almost twenty years, Ahmed has been involved in the Centre since it’s inception. Ahmed currently works in the Franchise business and brings extensive Policy and Procedure development experience to the Centre

Sheikh Mudhaffer Noori

Senior Madrassa Teacher
Intermediate and Advanced students and Imam

Sheikh Mudhaffer Noori is originally from Iraq and graduated from Al Azhar University in Cairo after completing his studies in Tafseer. He has studied with several famous Scholars. He has ijaazat in various Qira’at in Quran recitation and also has the licence to issue ijaazat. He is one of the presenters of the Recite Show on Islam Channel.

Mirazam Khan


Imam Mirazam has served as an Imam in the UK for over 15 years, as khateeb and Headteacher at numerous Masajid, along with recent chaplaincy experience and an interest in Islamic education.

Shaffiq Din

Director Of Operations

Shaffiq spent almost twenty years as a prison chaplain, and was previously a financial services senior executive and non-executive director. He has extensive experience working within Muslim and wider communities