Fasting (sawm) is a ritual observance during the month of Ramadhan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims are required to abstain from eating, drinking, and sexual activities between sunrise and sundown. Nursing and pregnant mothers, the sick, and children up to the age of puberty are permitted to break the fast. Ramadhan is important, because it marks the time in the year when the Quraan began to be revealed to Muhammad peace be upon him.

Ramadhan Events timetable

🎉🎉 To Ensure a Successful Safe Event for our Community 🎉🎉
*Volunteers Required* to:
▪️Help plan the event: ~1 Hour/week
▪️Help run the event on the day: ~2-3 Hours
*Stall Holders* Spaces Available in the Bazaar *Sponsorship* requested to help fund the event
Contact Wasiq on 07968561363 to *Volunteer* or for more details on Stalls/Sponsorship